Americans and the Holocaust:
Artifacts from the Museum's Collection

Recently, The United States Holocaust Museum published a new book, Americans and the Holocaust: Artifacts from the Museum's Collection, which includes a pastel for a WWII poster created by Harold Lehman.  I am particularly honored that you chose to include my father’s paste, “Power of the palette.” As described in the book, 

Power of the Palette

US wartime propaganda rarely mentioned the persecution of the Jews, instead portraying Nazism as a threat to American values. This pastel drawing by Harold Lehman, for example protests Nazi restrictions on free speech. The award-winning artist's work included war-bond advertisements, pro-American propaganda, and even the design of parade floats promoting the Allied war effort and denouncing fascism. 

This book is a wonderful collection of artifacts and stories that document the experiences of Jewish families who survived and made new lives for themselves in America.