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Gallery is Live!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Happy to announce that the Gallery section of the Harold Lehman website has launched. It's been a labor of love, which involved everything from resizing over 250 images, to rethinking the best way to show the images on both desktop and mobile views.

The Gallery is now set up so you can peruse my father, Harold Lehman's artwork from various categories, or see curated views based upon all artwork from a given category, location, or topic. To me, that's the most interesting way to view this catalogue as you can see an array of artwork at a given time and location -- from paintings, to drawings, and sculpture and more, depending upon the selection made.

I hope you enjoy meandering through the various "rooms" and discover new things about the artwork created by my dad. You'll find that the body of work runs the gamut from serious works of art to more playful, where his sense of humor shines through. If anything, experimentation was a hallmark of his work, always trying out new mediums and exploring new topics, from the how to capture the beauty of the body, to family, landscapes, and politics. In particular, I invite you to see the experimental photography, which includes photograms and polaroids, as well as the computer art, which he mastered in his late 80's.

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